T24-TA, Kablosuz Sıcaklık Verisi Toplama Modülü

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    • Miniature acquisition module for wireless Pt100 type 385 sensors
    • Creates wireless temperature link
    • Exceptionally low power for long battery life
    • Transmits on license free 2.4GHz
    • Remote ‘on’ and ‘off’ to preserve battery life
    • Up to 200m range
    • Simple configuration and calibration via PC using Free Telemetry Toolkit Software
    • Can be calibrated to provide any standard engineering unit output for a given input
    • 1 year manufacturers warranty
    • Thumbnail photos on left shows the case options available (mini, for integration and standard

    General Radio

    Parameter Min Typical Max  Units
    Licence  Licence Exempt  
    Modulation Method  MS(QPSK)  
    Radio Type  Transceiver (2 way)  
    Data Rate  250  K bits/sec
    Radio Frequency 2.4000  2.4835 GHz
    Power  1  mw
    Range RAD24i (Integrated antenna)   100 (400) Metres (feet) *
    Range RAD24e (External antenna)   200 (650) Metres (feet) *
    Channels (DSSS) 16  
    *Maximum range achieved in open field site with the T24 acquisition module at a height of 3 metres (9.8 feet) above ground and T24-HS held at chest height pointing towards the acquisition module. Specification at 3V supply at 25°C


    Temperature Range-200 500°C
    Accuracy (-20 to +40 °C) 0.10.2°C
    Accuracy (-40 to +80 °C) 0.20.35°C
    Internal Resolution 16,000,000/24 Resolution/Bits
    Noise Free where Sample TIme < 5mS 13,000/13.5 Resolution/Bits
    Noise Free where Sample TIme < 10mS 17,000/14 Resolution/Bits
    Noise Free where Sample TIme < 100mS 62,000/16 Resolution/Bits
    Noise Free where Sample TIme < 1000mS 158,000/17 Resolution/Bits
    Power Supply Voltage2.13.03.6VDC
    Power Supply Ripple  50mV ac pk-pk
    Normal Mode (Non Low Power Mode) 5565mA
    Standby / Low Power Mode 520uA
    Operating Temperature Range-40 +85°C
    Storage Temperature-40 +85°C
    Humidity0 95%RH
    PCB Dimensions16.8 x 37.5 x 6.5mm 
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